Madelyn Arabella Halsey's Base Assault. Hell yaah.

First I sent in a bat to scour the area. A standard Runner hostel, families I think. Some of the little Runner rabbits were asleep, some keeping watch. Naturally, I sent a few more birds out to get a storm cooking. Not a little one, either. Thick, fiery cold clouds billowing. Rain started to slash down. These days I walk through downpours like they're stage curtains. No pain, no cold. Just a show.

Then I hit the lights on. Lightning, if you prefer!!!

SHATTERED the sound barrier. A sonic boom. God I LOVE that sound. Which in turn, SHATTERED the windows of the warehouse. All bulbs out. The spitting of glass. Yells, shouts, frantic prayers to a God who is now probably still deaf.

The water was now up to my ankles. They were running around like their namesake, blocking doors with towels to stop the rain from surging in. Now was as good a time as any to dash up there, sobbing my eyes out, hammering on the door. "Please open in! Let me in! These... these birds. Please just let me in! Oh god, they're coming, they're––––" I cut myself open and screamed as if it actually hurt. A raven writhed out of the bloody mess and flew off. "OH GOD HELP ME, JESUS, JUST PLEASE FUCKING LET ME IN!!!"

A runner opened the door to me and ushered me inside. "Come on, you're safe with us. Being hassled by the Convocation?"

"The who?"

"The birds. Sorry, I don’t have much experience with them, but have you found any way of avoiding them so far?"

I sniffled. "U-underground. In basements. Do you have a basement?"

So, that runner, she ordered all the families in the warehouse to get down into the cellar. It should have come as no surprise to them when I slammed the trapdoor shut and pulled a sofa over it. Then it was a matter of getting the birds to tear leaks in their cellar ceiling. I went around the warehouse turning all the taps and showers on, flushing all the toilets, and eventually linking their big sewage tank to the basement. Rain, tap water, sewage, it was all channelled into that little cellar. I went to the middle floor, found myself a dry bed, and fell asleep to the lullaby of the thunder and shrieking.

Next day, the sewage and water had overflowed into the first floor. The smell was rank. Some of my vultures trying to get into the basement confirmed death, and a lot of it.

There's your base dealt with, Lovett.

I'm going to enjoy this war!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Maddie :)


  1. That was quick. Probably saved a couple proxies getting killed too, thanks for that.
    If you want, I'll see about finding other bases. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.


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