Lighting The Fuse

Here we go here we go.

I've been silent about this for two days now. I have Amelia right here. As a precaution I had to tie her down. She keeps trying to hang herself otherwise.

I'll email you my location, Alexandria, along with proof that she is here and alive. Barely alive. But alive.

It might be a trap.

I know you won't resist coming along to find out.


  1. Quick heads up. There's someone hanging around, looks kinda suspicious. Keeping an eye on them, will let you know if they do anything.

  2. RIP, you crazy son of a bitch.

  3. My very first proxy tormentor. You will not be forgotten. You certainly pushed me to me limits, got me where I am today as a runner, which ain't perfect, but I'm alive.

    Rest in peace, you daft cunt.

  4. Hmmm, I guess I need to throw a party now, don't I? Rest in Peace

  5. In case they have blogs in heaven.

    RIP. Although I REALLY don't care.


    1. Did I put heaven?

      I meant hell.


  6. Is it weird that I look over this blog every now and then, even after everyone is gone?


You must be here to yell at me, eh?